Monday, December 19, 2011

Lesson's Target Audience

I just finished reading a marketing article at Marketing Central, over at Amazon’s Create Space. One point made by the author of the article was the importance of identifying your book’s audience. Ironically, this was something I discussed with my daughter earlier today.

I believe Lessons appeals more to female readers in the 30-plus age bracket – and especially to those in the baby boomer generation, as the main male character was born in the mid-1940’s, and the female character in the mid-1950’s.

The story includes some adult scenes; therefore, the book is not for all readers. My mother (who is 83) loved the story. She has read it at least three times – and she is brutally honest with me, in that when I write something she doesn’t like (which I have), she will tell me. While Mom liked the book, I’m afraid it would be a bit racy for a few of her contemporaries.

It is an adult love story – and there are no vampires or zombies. Although, there is a brief encounter with a possible ghost, yet that is more in the realm of reality as opposed to fantasy.

My daughter reminded me she enjoyed the book, and she is just 29. I had her read Lessons before she designed its cover (she is a professional graphic artist.) At the time she read the book, my son-in-law asked her why anyone would want to read a romance about old people. Of course, he didn’t read the book, and the central characters were in their mid 30’s and 40’s during part of the story, and ten years older in the latter part.

The central characters from Lessons will be even older in the next book, The Senator’s Secret. Yet the love story will involve the next generation, along with murder.

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