Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Barnes and Noble Delay

I'm a bit frustrated. I expected Lessons to be up at Barnes and Noble by now;  it has been over a week since it was uploaded on the site. I've been having some issues, and so far have called them three times. It really isn't their fault - it involves an issue with my tax identification number.

Yet, yesterday I talked to someone over at Barnes and Noble who said he'd handle it manually, and the book should be live within 72 hours. Yet, when I log into the account, I see the same warning message, asking me to call them.

One of my friends has been waiting patiently for the Nook version, as she doesn't want to purchase the eBook at Smashwords, and I assume there are others who feel the same way.

I am also waiting for the proof of the paperback to arrive, so I can give that a go.

I hate waiting. I should be writing.

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