Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Coulson Chamber of Commerce

In my last post, I explained the fictitious community of Couson, the setting for my story, Lessons was inspired by Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Yet, the Coulson Chamber of Commerce was not inspired by the Lake Havasu Chamber of Commerce – but by the Wrightwood Chamber of Commerce.

Wrightwood is a small mountain community located in Southern California, where my husband, children and I had a home for over a decade. For a number of years I was active in the Wrightwood Chamber of Commerce, which held its meetings at the local community building, as in my story.

Not all Chamber of Commerce organizations operate in the same way. And I imagine some people will read the story and question the accuracy of the depiction, for it certainly doesn’t reflect how the Chamber works in Havasu. Yet, it does reflect how the Wrightwood Chamber operated during my tenure with the organization.  Of course, action in the Coulson Chamber was a bit more spicy!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Setting

My story, Lesson’s takes place in the fictitious community of Coulson. I never specify a state, yet I do mention it is located in the southwest region of the United States.

Lake Havasu City, my hometown, was the inspiration for Coulson. Like Lake Havasu City, Couson is a relatively new community, founded in the mid-1900s, by a wealthy industrialist. Unlike Lake Havasu City, whose founder, Robert McCulloch, only lent his name to our main street, Coulson’s founder gave his name to the entire town. He also stuck around, and raised his family in the fledgling community, unlike Robert McCulloch.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Anna J. McIntyre's Lessons

Available Christmas 2011

       Only three people know the real reason for Garret Coulson’s hasty departure ten years earlier and why he never returned. With Ryan Keller’s death, everything has changed, and Garret can come home at last.
       Garret arrives before Christmas and brings with him the secrets that sent him away. Those secrets have the power to shatter lives, yet perhaps, they will instead heal hearts.