Friday, September 27, 2013

Sensual Romance VS Coulson

Sensual Romance Series
Currently there are three books in this series: After Sundown, While Snowbound and SugarRush. These are light romances, each is a standalone story told in about 50,000 words. I don’t close the bedroom door when the lovers get together– but I don’t write about throbbing body parts.

The Coulson Series
Currently there are two books in the series – but I just finished two more. One is in the re-write editing stage and the other is off with the first round of beta readers.

While the books in this series are each standalone stories – the series is actually a family saga, beginning in 1900 to current times. I definitely would not call them predictable. It is not always clear who will end up with whom.

The first two books released in this series were each around 90,000 words.

Lessons, the first one released is an adult love story. I personally believe it appeals more to readers over the age of 30.

The Senator’s Secret, the second book released in the series is a murder mystery, with a love story.

The third and fourth books to be released will actually become Book One and Book Two in the Coulson Series. Confused? Check back later and I’ll try to explain.

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