Friday, September 27, 2013

It began with Lessons

I first wrote Lessons around 1995. I believe it was my forth novel. (The first three: a YA, a romance and a mystery – they will not be published.)

For me, the story and the characters came alive and when I started writing it was as if someone else was telling the story, and I was just the typist. When I finished the book, I was busy in my real life, so I didn’t do anything with the manuscript. But some fifteen years later I decided to release it as an eBook.

Before release, I did some major rewriting, editing, sent it through a beta reader and then to a professional editor.

I wasn’t ready to leave the characters, so I decided to write a second book, this time a mystery. When I initially wrote Lessons, I wrote about the timeframe I was living in. When I started The Senator’s Secret, I wanted to do the same thing. So from the time Lessons ends and The Senator’s Secret begins, there is a 16-year span.

When reading the different books in this series, the reader should not expect the same read. While she’ll find many of the same characters, it won’t be a formula plot, similar to other books in the series.  For example, there is far more explicit sex in Lessons than in The Senator’s Secret. I didn’t do that to be salacious, but because the story called for it.

Lessons is a story about a happily married woman, who finds herself a widow and confronts a discretion from her past. One reviewer wrote: "Lessons" is a deep, rich story of love, family and friendship.

For more about The Senator’s Secret, read tomorrow’s blog.

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