Friday, July 12, 2013

Three Very Different Men

I’ve two published books in my Sensual Romance Series. The third, Sugar Rush is currently with the editor, and should be released shortly.

While each story is a standalone romance, with sexual tension and happy endings, my male leads are vastly different from story to story, as are my female protagonists.

After Sundown has received four and five star reviews over on Amazon, but one reviewer particularly hated my male character and gave the book a one star. According to that reviewer, my character was practically a rapist, an over the top alpha male with anger issues, and the reviewer admitted to not finishing the book.

To be honest, the reviewer makes some valid points. Cole Taylor did behave like a jerk in the first part of the story. And while I will argue he is not a rapist, he did cross the line – something he fully acknowledged. But people – and characters – are not perfect. They come flawed. I like my characters to evolve on the pages. Had the reader stuck around, she (or he) would have witnessed Cole’s growth.

In While Snowbound, my hot rocker, Brady Gates, might be a little self-absorbed, but he definitely isn’t a rapist. After all, I have him tossing a sexy nude woman from his bed on page one of the story. An obsessed fan had crawled into his bed uninvited. Had it been Cole’s bed, she probably would not have been kicked out. At least, not until Cole met Kit Landon. After Cole met Kit, he didn’t want any other woman.

Brady’s journey was not about learning to appreciate and respect women – as was Cole’s. Brady’s journey was about rediscovering himself.

In my third (soon to be released) book, Sugar Rush, in the Sensual Romance Series, Jeff Barnett is a sincerely nice guy. I have a feeling the reviewer that hated Cole Taylor, would like Jeff. Jeff’s real problem is that he is put in an uncomfortable situation by his employer – when he is forced to spy on the employer’s granddaughter.

Three very different men.

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