Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Coulson Chamber of Commerce

In my last post, I explained the fictitious community of Couson, the setting for my story, Lessons was inspired by Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Yet, the Coulson Chamber of Commerce was not inspired by the Lake Havasu Chamber of Commerce – but by the Wrightwood Chamber of Commerce.

Wrightwood is a small mountain community located in Southern California, where my husband, children and I had a home for over a decade. For a number of years I was active in the Wrightwood Chamber of Commerce, which held its meetings at the local community building, as in my story.

Not all Chamber of Commerce organizations operate in the same way. And I imagine some people will read the story and question the accuracy of the depiction, for it certainly doesn’t reflect how the Chamber works in Havasu. Yet, it does reflect how the Wrightwood Chamber operated during my tenure with the organization.  Of course, action in the Coulson Chamber was a bit more spicy!

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